About the PURE CRE Team

Pure CRE Team Founders

Pure CRE Team Founders

PURE CRE – Commercial Real Estate Team was founded by Doreen Baca. Since 1999 Doreen and her husband, Jerry Baca has had an unfailing drive to measure success by Client satisfaction. Throughout their corporate careers with fortune 500 companies they recognized that many business associates were, in one way or another, involved with commercial real estate, searching for answers, with very little expertise available.

It’s our belief by committing the PURE CRE Team business model, with 100% focus on one facet of a multifaceted industry, our brand would emerge as the trusted leader in “pure” commercial real estate Client satisfaction. In 2017 The PURE CRE Team achieved “The Best of The Emerald Coast” for Commercial Real Estate and remains the front-runner of choice along the Northwest Florida Panhandle.

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, every business runs on a clock. When selling commercial real estate, how many days has it been sitting on the market? When buying commercial real estate, how much money are you losing by not getting targeted information fast enough for your purchase? And if you want to lease commercial space, how long is it going to take and at what price? Time is money.

Based in Northwest Florida and built on the foundation of three principles; Integrity, Loyalty and Trust, our PURE Commercial Real Estate team has the experience, bandwidth, and drive to help you succeed.