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Welcome Flat Stanley®

9:33 pm

PURE is proud to announce Flat Stanley® and the goal of making our local community spectacular!  View sightings of Flat Stanley® and get involved to help make our communities a better place […] Read more

Why Invest in Commercial?

5:24 pm

PCRE having observed more than a wink of the real estate market recovery with anticipated profits on the horizon, the question becomes; do I now invest in residential or commercial properties to generate potential income?

Although there is no crystal ball; Investors are looking to reduce volatility in their portfolios and guard against inflation. Historically existing properties are more attractive during inflationary times when the costs of building materials increase.  Although the timing of inflation is difficult to predict, some investors believe having the diversity in their portfolio is like saving for a rainy day.

There are many important factors […] Read more

New Website Launched

5:23 pm

Check out our new website.  We are proud to offer the best in PURE Commercial Real Estate […] Read more